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No Limit International is a nonprofit organization aiming to improve health and living conditions, fighting hunger and poverty, providing youth with recreational activities and empowering them to believe in a better society.

Our Mission.

No Limit International and its affiliates engage communities around the world in lifelong best practices aimed at improving health and living conditions, fighting hunger and poverty, providing youth educational and recreational activities, and empowering people to believe in a better society.

Artist Corner

Showcase of Emerging Young Talented Artists
Introducing Nyoyeneloh Immaculate, Lower Sixth Arts, GBHE. She calls her project ''My finger's mind heart gallery'' and likes to use her hands to design greeting cards, sandals and jewelry made of recycled materials. She wants to be self-employed and be her own boss in the future.
Introducing Yury Mayen, Lower Sixth Arts, GBHE. She is proud of her heritage and channels her creativity into the design of traditional garments of her native region. While on school lockdowns, she took the opportunity to learn how to saw and make contribution to her culture.
Introducing Awombzi Promise, Form 5, GBHE. He calls his project ''Trashy Treasures'' and likes to use recycled bottles to express his artistic talents through the creation of exquisite bouquets. He wants to preserve the environment and transform wasted materials into worthy floral arrangements.

Thousands of children are attending schools in Cameroon despite the the Covd-19 pandemic. During this challenging time, No Limit International is contributing to the fight against COVID-19 by engaging in various actions in the school milieu. The various actions of the non-profit organization were well received by school leaders throughout the country. These schools were handed over hand sanitizers, face masks, buckets and education material on Covid-19.

 While expressing their gratitude to efforts made by the organisation,
heads of schools said the challenge remains intense as they have to provide face masks to teachers as well as hand sanitizers daily.  Under the project FICOVID, the organisation intends to continue the fight
against Covid-19 on campuses, given the fact that the country’s ministry of public health has warned against possible new cases of
coronavirus, if the population fails to adhere to prescribed restrictive measures.

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Nolimit International has built a platform focused on aiding entrepreneurs, startups, and families raise income.

    No Limit International is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization registered in the US under EIN# 85-3328151

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