What We Do

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Youth Development Programs

Youth Development Programs help youth develop lifelong skills that enhance their overall fitness, social, emotional, and intellectual abilities. These programs help them navigate adolescence in healthy ways and empower them with a sense of usefulness and responsibility while defining clear and attainable goals at various developmental stages.

We promote fun and enriching activities such as:

– After school programs (academic support, mentoring initiatives, book clubs) 

– Learn to swim programs (healthy exercise habits, teamwork)

– Drowning prevention workshops

– nutrition education


We strongly believe that youth recreational programs help:

– Improve academic performance and life skills

– Develop self-confidence and personal development

– Contribute to the reduction of juvenile delinquency

– Empower youth for better decision making and life choices

– Make healthy food and beverage choices and thus reduce risks of childhood obesity

– Increase graduation rates and qualified workforce